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Ulrich’s woodworking heritage began in 1990, when Jerry Ulrich ran his business in an old saw mill. The family would harvest trees and mill materials to build their first mobile barn. A trailer had to borrowed to make the first delivery. Thanks to word of mouth, Ulrich was known for their craftsmanship. Soon after, Ulrich was hired to build one of the first Yogi Bear Camp Grounds. 

Twenty-five years later, and we still have thousands of happy customers. Jerry’s sons have helped Ulrich Log Homes become one of the prime builders in Texas. The workmanship and quality materials continue to show, which is how the company distances itself from other competitors. 

The Log Cabin Lifestyle

Our ancient forests have rejuvenated humans for many centuries, both physically and spiritually. Humans have also used trees for wood, which began the foundations for our homes, cabins, and furniture. It’s a resource that has lasted for generations.

Wood continues to be a basic and natural resource that is a centerpiece of our living rooms and homes. More and more people and organizations have chosen wood because it is a sustainable resource to make well… Almost everything.

Despite our economy and technology growing at a high speed rate, many people prefer living in a wooden structure because it is eco-friendly, affordable, and gorgeous to look at.

Ulrich made the decision to build with wood because we want our clients to reconnect with nature. Building with wood is eco-friendly and responsible, and it teaches future generations to respect the environment.

More and more of us are returning to our roots and remembering how wonderful it is to have nature as part of our daily lives. 

What have our Cabins been used for?

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • In-Law Homes
  • Personal offices
  • Hunting and fishing camps
  • Weddings
  • Churches
  • Lake houses
  • Rentals
  • Resorts
  • Summer Camps

Hundreds of
Happy Cabin Customers


Ulrich Cabins continues to have hundreds of satisfied customers across the nation, and our customer base keeps growing. An Ulrich Cabin specialist will discuss everything during your consultation. Not only do we build premium cabins, but we believe in excellent customer service. 

Speak with an Ulrich Cabins specialist today to discuss your options. You'll be happy you did.